2015 Predictions That Back to the Future II Got Right… and Wrong

Back-to-the-future-time-circuit-boardToday is October 21, 2015. I’ve just been out riding my hover board, and I’m expecting the drone to bring back my dog from the walk. Oh, and thank God for those self tying shoes!

Wait a second… That doesn’t sound right. Robert Zemeckis you liar! Why does my skateboard still have wheels? Why am I still tying my own shoelaces?

Hover board from Back to the Future II
Hover board from Back to the Future II

As it turns out the future didn’t turn out quite the way we imagined, some of it seems worse (still no hover boards), and some of it seems a lot better (fax is dead!). Back to the Future made a lot of far-out predictions, things that seemed almost unimaginable at the time. In many cases, though, they have come eerily close to being right.

Even though we still don’t have flying cars (not sure we’d want them flying above our heads anyway), the famous hover boards, or self-tying shoes, the future didn’t turn out to be half bad, at least technologically.

Remember when you first saw Marty using video glasses and video chat in the movie? We certainly do! It was one of those iconic moments that made you go, “Wow! I wish that were possible!”. Well,  HTC and Oculus are about to launch virtual reality video glasses, and we’ve had video chat for ages now!

Video glasses
Marty’s video glasses (left) and Oculus Rift (right)

In terms of wearable technology reality has actually overtaken imagination. Smartphones are a technology that the movie never predicted. Maybe it seemed too improbable then. Who could have guesses that the phone would become the central device of our lives, the modern equivalent of Swiss army knife.

What the movie was spot on about though is paying with fingerprints, and with some of the latest models of iPhone you can actually do that.

Apple Pay
Movie (right) and Apple Pay (left)

Interestingly, although drones haven’t still achieved the level of sophistication to be able to deliver mail, or to replace photojournalists, they are so flippin’ close! Amazon is very focused on developing a drone delivery system very similar to that seen in the movie. Moreover, the company Lily Robotics has developed Lily, a drone that follows you everywhere and films you. It’s fascinating technology!

Dog walking and delivery drones in the movie

Luckily, ridiculous clothing style and dehydrated pizzas never caught on it seems. Amen to that!

Back to the Future Fashion
Back to the Future Fashion

All things considered, we are not having it as bad as we thought. But does it even matter? To quote Christopher Lloyd,

The future has finally arrived! Yes, it is different than we all thought. But don’t worry, it just means that your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.

The future is waiting! Happy Back to the Future day everyone!

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