Kill Bill 3? Tarantino Says It’s Possible

4a8aeebb37121a92588a17d8abdff476_largeQuentin Tarantino’s Kung Fu extravaganza Kill Bill is his only movie to date that has two parts, and he thinks that may not be enough. Namely, in an interview with Ben Mankiewicz in ‘What The Flick?!’ the famed director claimed that he would like to revisit the old story. The reason for the wait was that Quentin really wanted the actors to get a little older as the story would pick up ten years after the original.

Why ten years? The maker of Pulp Fiction says that he had put the character of Beatrix Kiddo through a lot, and he really wanted her to have a peaceful 10 years in her life before plunging her back into action.

I wanted her to have this much time for peace. I wanted her to have some time with her daughter and not have to be in the genre-machine. She could actually enjoy her life for a while.

It is not yet certain whether this will be his next project after The Hateful Eight, which has already hit theaters in the United States. For us personally, that’s the most eagerly awaited movie of the year.

So, when? Even Tarantino himself doesn’t know, because he’s always changing his mind. Notably, The Hateful Eight was intended to be the sequel for Django Unchained. The script was written with Django in the story, but then Quentin decided that he really loved the story but didn’t like the character of Django in it, since he didn’t want to have a moral compass in the film. Therefore, he threw him out! Now, it’s a completely different movie. The same might happen to Kill Bill 3.

According to some reports the story of the movie might concentrate on the daughter the first of the Deadly Vipers killed in Kill Bill: Vol. 1. If you remember, The Bride (Uma Thurman) killed Copperhead (Vivica A. Fox) in front of her daughter. Ten years later, maybe the daughter wants to revenge her mother. In Tarantino’s revenge driven Kill Bill world, it’s the only logical chain of events.

Possibly the main character of Kill Bill 3.

So, what do you think? Would you be up for one more revenge flick by the master of the genre? We say why not! Bring it on!

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