Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Are Back!


If you were a kid in the nineties you probably remember the famous Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. For our younger readers who must be wondering what the heck we are talking about, it was a really popular superhero TV show about teenagers with special powers fighting monsters. Think of it as a less serious, less […]

2015 Predictions That Back to the Future II Got Right… and Wrong


Today is October 21, 2015. I’ve just been out riding my hover board, and I’m expecting the drone to bring back my dog from the walk. Oh, and thank God for those self tying shoes! Wait a second… That doesn’t sound right. Robert Zemeckis you liar! Why does my skateboard still have wheels? Why am […]

New Star Wars Trailer and Poster! Where’s Luke?


The new trailer for Star Wars has arrived, and it’s spectacular! Seeing the dogfight between Chewie and Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon, and Empire’s TIE fighters really does feel like going back to the original trilogy! Even Princess Leia’s there! But wait! Hold on a second! Where the hell’s Luke Skywalker? I mean he’s […]

Martin Scorsese Refuses to Give a Cameo Role to Cristiano Ronaldo in His Upcoming Movie

Ronaldo and Scorsese

Probably the most famous football player in the world has had his dream of appearing in a Hollywood movie denied by the famous director of Goodfellas. The role was originally offered to Ronaldo because the filmmakers wanted to use his Manhattan apartment as a location for Scorsese’s upcoming movie The Manipulator. The film is another biopic […]