The Pepsi Bottle From Back To The Future II To Hit The Shelves

pepsi-perfectWhen Pepsi gave the rights to use their logo and trademark in the movie which eventually became a classic, they didn’t have a clue that they’d be cashing in the idea more than twenty years later. Of course, we’re talking about Back to the Future 2 and the Pepsi Perfect bottle we could see in the movie version of 2015.

The product is symbolically going to hit the shelves on October 21st, 2015, which is the date to which Marty and Doc traveled to in the movie. It is estimated that the bottles will cost $20.15, which is clever. I mean, why not sell a fancy bottle of Pepsi for 20 bucks? Although it sounds like a lot, the collectible value of the bottles might be way higher pretty soon, being that they’re making only 6,500 of them.

Marty McFly Pepsi bottle Back to the future 2
Marty McFly with the bottle in the movie.

Pepsi has also announced that their fans should watch out for information on where the bottle will be available for purchase, and that their fans should keep their eye on the social networks. USA Today announced, though, that Pepsi will be giving away 1500 bottles to cosplayers who portray Marty McFly on the New York Comic Con this week.

pepsi perfect

Here’s the commercial where Pepsi announced the whole thing.

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