Is Streaming Pirated Movies Illegal?

movie streaming

The temptation is enormous. It is right there, in front of you, just waiting. You know it’s wrong but you want to do it anyway. It all just seems so easy, and nobody’s looking. You just want to…click play and stream the darn movie. This was the overriding feeling back in the day when the […]

Will There Ever Be Matrix 4? The Answer May Surprise You

The Matrix 4

There are few people who didn’t watch the Matrix and its sequels. And those who didn’t surely know the whole plot, since they have most certainly been subject to conversations about the movie and its message. For starters, let’s just take a little journey through the setting of the story of Matrix. Keanu Reeves is an […]

Will There Ever Be The Hobbit 4? Peter Jackson Speaks Up


Short answer – there won’t. Long answer – there won’t be another Hobbit movie because of a lot of reasons. Reasons anyone in their right mind, and who has read the book would already know. but here are some of them, just to make sure. Reason 1 – The Flow The story ends. Quite well, […]

Are Movies Turning Out To Be True?

movie future prediction

Since Jules Verne and his fantasy of submarines actually becoming true, there has been this little bit of doubt, a little worm in our minds, which asks us if the same, or similar thing can happen again with any other work of fiction. Nowadays, the main possible culprits for that are, well, SF movies and […]

Can Violence and Deviant Behavior in Movies Be Good for Kids?


This is a hugely popular theme among concerned parents, and kids alike. And that’s OK, being concerned about your kid is not nearly a crime. As a matter of fact, it’s good, right? Not necessarily. We’ve also seen a whole bunch of articles and scientific research on how overprotecting a child can result in some serious […]