Top 10 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

blood diamond

There is no denying that Leonardo DiCaprio is a rare breed, an endangered species of sorts – a real old school Hollywood movie star. He is a modern day Cary Grant, or James Dean, whose talent and charisma are matched only by his dedication, and humbleness with which he approaches his every role.

His movie career started in his early teens and it is widely known that not many child actors have managed to transfer their early success to their adulthood, the way he had.

If you are just starting to explore his body of work we will try to make that easier by giving you a list of what we think are the top 10 best Leonardo DiCaprio movies, ranked not according to the quality of the movies themselves, but rather the quality of his performances.

10. Blood Diamond

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Blood Diamond is not a very good film, certainly not as good as the rest in this list. However, Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance is truly breathtaking. It’s completely different from everything he’s ever done.

He plays a gunrunner from Rhodesia, and adopts the accent like a native. Sure, there are accent experts out there who can notice the imperfections, but to us, regular viewers, it sounds authentically African. We can only imagine how much time and effort he invested into learning to speak that dialect. We’ve never seen something like that since Denzel Washington played Steve Biko in Cry Freedom (1987).

Edward Zwick, the director of the movie, said that Leonardo’s dedication was ‘scary’. He would meet local people, talk to them, he even met and talked to some mercenaries who are dangerous people to deal with. According to the director, Leo was like a sponge! During the filming he met a little girl, and he is still sending her checks every month.

The story takes place in war torn Sierra Leone where war lords are enslaving people and forcing them to harvest diamonds. One of those unlucky people finds a very rare specimen, and decides to hide it after which all hell breaks loose. It’s a must see for every action movie and Leonardo DiCaprio fan.

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